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From the restaurant that brought you the Chocolate Wonderfall!!!


I can’t decide if this is wacko or wonderfall wonderful. Golden Corral has added cotton candy to its buffet, and it will stay there all summer.

Anyone brave enough to admit you’ve tried it?

Wichita’s Golden Corrals are at 616 S. Ridge Road Circle and 11006 E. Kellogg.

Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers

krispykremecheeseburgerIf I hadn’t heard it directly from Kansas State Fair manager Denny Stoecklein, I might not believe it.

The novelty food at this year’s fair: Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers.

Actually, I probably would believe it, even if Denny hadn’t told me. After all, I am the girl who has over the years sampled such state fair delicacies as deep-fried Coke, deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried Twinkies and alligator on a stick.

I don’t have details about this concoction yet, but its ridiculous awesomeness seems pretty self explanatory.

The Kansas State Fair runs  Sept. 10-19 in Hutchinson.

Fun with fryers

Deeeeeeep fried carrot cake

Deeeeeeep fried carrot cake at Shorty Small's

The Kansas State Fair is know for selling all kinds of delicious deep fried absurdities, from Oreos to Twinkies to Coca Cola.

Now, a local restaurant is having fun with its fryer, too. Aaron Eveland, the service manager of Shorty Small’s, a family restaurant at 12112 W. Maple, is a very funny guy who I follow on Twitter. A while ago, he started tweeting about a new hobby — deep frying his dessert menu.

Shorty Small’s already has deep fried Twinkies as a regular menu item, but Eveland and his staff figured why stop there?

“We started off with fried caramel cheese cake — pretty tasty,” he said. “It slowly moved through our entire dessert line up, each getting better than the first.”

They reached fried nirvana when they hit carrot cake, an idea inspired by a loyal customer. Deep fried carrot cake is not on the menu, but the staff will make it by request, and they’re selling three or four a week, Eveland said.

That oughta get you through till Fair time.

Mmmm. Goober burger.

I’ve noticed I’ve been blogging a lot about The Anchor. This is why, people! How can such things be ignored??


Lipitor alert!

friendlysburgerI’m sure you’ve seen by now one of the many reports about the fat-tastic new invention by the Friendly’s ice cream chain — the Grilled Cheese Burger Melt.

As you can see at right, it’s a burger that’s sandwiched between grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns. It has 1,500 calories and 79 grams of fat.

Outrageously-bad-for-us-food is a bit of a novelty these days. Restaurants can get attention by packing mind-blowing amounts of cheese, lard and deep fried meltiness into a single dish. State Fairs that don’t offer some type of oh-n0-they-didn’t deep fried treat might as well turn off the Ferris wheel and call it a summer.

A few years ago, I was highly entertained by a blog called “This is Why You’re Fat,” which documented some of these inventions across the country — a corn-dog topped pizza,  a 24-scoop ice cream sundae, and my personal favorite, the turbaconucken — chicken inside a duck inside a turkey wrapped in bacon.

The blog has since been taken down, but this website still features several of its most famous photos. Take a browse, then take a Lipitor.