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India Emporium grocery also serves lunch

Some things you just don’t know unless you go inside.

A few weeks ago, my friend Kim was shopping for spices at India Emporium, the international grocery at 3743 N. Rock Road, when she noticed that they serve lunch. As luck would have it, she was hungry. So she got some to go and said it was great.

Owner Zaheer Nazir said that he opened his restaurant-within-a-store, called The Pita Deli, several months ago. He serves Mediterranean items such as falafel, hummus, gyro, schwarma and more from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. (The India Emporium sells Middle Eastern ingredients too, Nazir told me.)

He has seating for about 15 people in the back of the store, where the deli is set up. For more information, call 316-315-0370.

Question of the week: Who makes the best hummus?

All this Lebanese dinner talk has me craving kibbe and hummus and fattouch. In fact, I had to dash in to La Galette this afternoon to grab their fattouch, which is topped with the most amazing and fabulous pink-hued dressing.

But in Wichita — which is quite possibly the Lebanese cuisine capitol of THE COUNTRY — hummus is probably the star.

Local restaurants all do their hummus a little differently. Some is more creamy. Some is topped with pine nuts. Some is sprinkled with delightfully crunchy whole chickpeas.

In your opinion, which local restaurant serves the best hummus? And what do you like about it? Answer in the comments section below.

A delicious way to build morale

I’ve been asked several times to judge employee cooking contests. Earlier this year, I went helped Davis Moore judge an employee chili cookoff for charity. And today, my friend Jill Laffoon, marketing manager at the Kansas Masonic Home, asked me to come help judge an employee hummus contest.

Well, you know me. Anything for a friend.

Although I now have garlic breath to spare, I was amazed by the creativity the Masonic home kitchen staff displayed.

All the entries were good and ranged from red peppery to bursting with tahini flavor. Jill and I ultimately awarded first prize to the hummus prepared by Aaron Wurtz, director of dining services. It was citrusy and well balanced, even if it wasn’t the most beautiful of the entries.

I’m thinking about proposing some sort of cookoff throwdown here at the Eagle.

But I’m thinking something sweeter, like Chocolate chip cookies or apple pie or cupcakes.

Who’s in?