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Donavon’s Steamin Weenies upgrades location, adds bierocks, changes name

10415642_712221122157040_1871904390586660033_nIt’s been a busy couple of years for Donavon’s Steamin Weeniesthe hot dog restaurant that opened in the summer of 2012 in Haysville.

In addition to moving to a bigger location at 243 E. Grand, which is just down the street from the original location at 418 W. Grand, the restaurant has changed its name — and found a new top seller.

The restaurant, owned by California transplants Don and Yvonne Avis, now is called Donavon’s Steamin Weenies and Bierocks, and its three varieties of bierocks now make up about 60 to 70 percent of food sales, Yvonne said.

Until recently, Yvonne had never heard of a bierock, which is a regional specialty not known by Californians. Several people came in asking her for bierocks, and she’d serve them a beer brat, thinking they just had enunciation problems. When she realized what the customers actually were asking for, she researched them and added them to the menu.

Donavon’s has a traditional bierock made with ground beef, onion, cabbage and Colby cheese; a Philly bierock made with ground beef, onion, Italian seasoning, bell pepper and Mozzarella cheese; and a Southwestern bierock, made with shredded chicken, rice, black, beans, corn and Colby and Mozzarella cheeses.

The new building is bigger and has a drive-through, Yvonne said. And the restaurant still is serving its full menu of hot dogs, brats, Polish sausage and more.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. For more information, call 316-522-3647.

Opening today: Big B’s Beef

Today’s the opening day for Big B’s Beef, a new restaurant operating out of a little brick building at 4628 S. Seneca.

Brian and Liz Bathgate are the owners of the restaurant, which specializes in Chicago-style sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, soups and Italian beef and sausage. You can see the full menu here.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. The restaurant has a drive-through window and will deliver to local businesses. For more information, call 316-522-2333.

Jarhead’s food cart should open next month

Keenan Poore plans to open Jarhead's, a new Wichita food cart, in August.

A new hot dog cart called Jarhead’s should roll into Wichita sometime next month.

It will sell high-quality bratwurst, sauerkraut, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, hot dogs and possibly pulled pork.

Keenan Poore, a former youth pastor and former member of the Marine Corps, is working now to get his new mobile food business going, he said. He plans to start with a cart he’ll park various places around Wichita during lunch hours and in Old Town on weekend evenings. He’s also working on finding a trailer that he could eventually house the business in, giving it more of a food truck feel.

Poore, who lives in Andover, describes himself as a food enthusiast who’s always dreamed of owning a food establishment. He was inspired by the food truck fad that’s recently hit Wichita.

“The fad is early in Wichita,” he said. “This is probably a good time to jump in  and get a head of it a little bit.”

I’ll keep you updated on Jarhead’s progress.

Donavon’s Steamin Weenies is new in Haysville

Donavon’s Steamin Weenies is a new 1950s-looking hotdog restaurant that opened a month ago at 418 W. Grand in Haysville.

Owners Don and Yvonne Avis named the restaurant by combining their first names. It specializes in black angus hot dogs, brats, hot links and Polish sausage and also serves giant loaded baked potatoes, chili Frito bowls and sides such as cole slaw and baked beans. (Here’s the full menu.)

Yvonne, who grew up in California, loved a restaurant called Casper’s Famous Hot Dogs, which has several locations in the Bay area. She wanted to replicate that type of restaurant here.

I’ve been hearing lots of good things from readers who’ve visited the new the restaurant, which is set up in a space that was most recently a barber shop. According to Don, steaming weenies keeps them from getting soggy and gives them a more crispy skin.

Donavon’s Steamin Weenies is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. For more information, call 316-522-3647.

Squeezer’s Palace reopens Friday with dogs

Squeezer’s Palace, the colorful walk-up ice cream spot at 11th and Bitting in Riverside that opened last summer then closed for the winter, will be back in business starting Friday.

Owner Kirk David is adding a few offerings to his original menu, which included ice cream and yogurt creations, frozen bananas and smoothies. New to the spring menu: Hot dogs, tea, fresh juices and coffee supplied by Il Primo, the coffee shop at 6422 E. Central.

Hours will be 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

And the Wiener Is… not hot dogs in Wichita

Brad Standing just after And the Wiener Is relocated and opened in the summer of 2010

Moments ago, I confirmed what a disconnected telephone number and several panicked Facebook wall postings suggested: And the Wiener Is is no more.

The building at 2322 E. Douglas, where the restaurant has operated since June of 2010, is completely empty, and there’s a “for lease” sign in the window.

Buddies Brad Standing and Kody Allen opened the hot dog restaurant in May 2009. The restaurant, which changed locations once and names three times. (It’s also been known as Let’s Be Frank and Get Franked), helped spark a hot dog trend in Wichita that resulted over the next few years in a slew of new hot dog themed restaurants, including the now-closed Linkhaus and Brats N Hots.  

A few hot dog restaurants are still in business around Wichita, including The Dog House Carryout at 707 N Mount Carmel St.,  but it looks like the end of the trend may have arrived.

Question of the week: Do you eat dogs out?

First, all the hot dog restaurants opened. Now, a few of them are closing, including Linkhaus earlier this year. Now, there’s news that Brats N Hots will close on Saturday.

The hot dog restaurant boom has always sort of baffled me. I love dogs and brats, but I can’t imagine ordering them in a restaurant. (Maybe that’s part of the problem here.)

This week’s question: Do you ever order hotdogs and brats in restaurants when you’re not ordering them for your kids? If so, where’s your favorite place to eat dogs out?

Answer in the comments section below.

Brats N Hots will close on Saturday

Brats N Hots, the hot dog-themed restaurant that opened earlier this year at 601 S. Greenwich, will close at the end of business on Saturday.

Owners sent out this e-mail to customers this morning.

Brats N Hots is one of many hot-dog themed restaurants that have opened over the past several years, including And the Wiener Is, Dog House Carryout, Bierocks, Brats N’ BBQ, Relish This, and more. Hot dog restaurant Linkhaus closed earlier this year.

U Grill should open Wednesday

The soon-to-open U Grill.

U Grill is a new restaurant scheduled for a soft opening** Wednesday in the former Linkhaus space at 7817 E. 37th St. N.

The restaurant, owned by recently relocated Oklahoma lawyer Will Clark, will include a Mongolian Grill, where patrons load up a bowl of meats, veggies and sauces and watch as the concoction is cooked. It’ll also serve Philly cheese steaks sandwiches, burgers, brats and hot dogs. Patrons who order those will be given a smaller bowl and can fill them up with whatever toppings they’d like for their sandwiches.

The big draw, Clark said: Everything will be under $7.

Dining room hours will be 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. A drive-through will be open  until midnight Sundays through Thursdays and until 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

For more information, call 316-425-5730.

By the way, a **soft opening means that the restaurant is getting its bearings, training staff to work with real people and seeing how the flow goes. So if you go, bring patience and a forgiving attitude.

Hot hot dog news


I’ve two bits of hot dog news to report this afternoon.

The first: A new mobile hot dog stand started operating a couple of weeks ago on the mean streets of Wichita. The business is called Relish It! and is owned by Chris May. It serves Chicago dogs, New York dogs, chili dogs, smoked bratwurst and more. May will be stationed from 10:30 am. to 2:30 p.m. today and Saturday at the corner of Douglas and Walnut in Delano. He’ll likely  move the cart around, and fans can find him by checking his website, which will always update his location.

Hot dog news Part II: The Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County is putting on a hot dog eating contest from noon to 3 p.m. Nov. 2o at Louie’s Bar & Grill, 9747 E. 21st St. Organizers are asking adult participants to raise $50 and children ages 10 to 17 to raise $25. Preregistration is encouraged at 316-337-6598, but participants also can register at the door.