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Food trucks opening and expanding

There’s all sorts of food truck news to report.

First, a new one is about to hit the road. The Rolling Dough, a wood-fired pizza food truck owned by Joseph and Cherry Nestelroad, will have its first service tonight outside of  Reverie Coffee Roasters, 2611 E. Douglas. They’ll be there from 6 to 8:30 p.m. serving a Mexi-pizza inspired menu that includes a chicken enchilada pizza, a nacho pizza and a guacamole pizza, each of which costs $7.

Mmmmm. Nacho pizza.

Then, on Saturday, the truck will be at the Delano Block Party, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at  200 N. Sycamore. After that, the Nestelroads will go out on weekends for a while then transition into weekday service. People can find The Rolling Dough by checking  its Facebook page.

The Rolling Dough bought its trailer from the Cake Face folks, who were selling it because they were ready for a size upgrade. The new truck, which owners Summer and Dave Schoenhals affectionately calls “Jane,”  hit the streets on Thursday, and so far, the Schoenhals are enjoying the upgrade.

Cake Face’s new, bigger “Jane”

Jane is especially pretty at night, Summer said, because she has blue, glowing under-lighting. Cake Face will be serving lunch at Builder’s Inc. in Parklane Shopping Center at Lincoln and Oliver from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. today and then will serve sweets only at tonight’s Maize High School football game.

Finally, it appears that The Hopping Pita is getting a new, bigger truck. A notice on the food truck’s Facebook page said that it’s closed for vacation as it “makes this transition to a bigger truck.” I’ve left messages for chef Roni Attari and for owner Melad Stephan and will let you know what I hear about that move.

Food truck gathering is Sunday

Food Trucks at the Fountains, the monthly gathering of Wichita’s food trucks at the Waterwalk fountains, is scheduled for Sunday.

The event will feature the usual list of food truckers, including The Flying Stove, Let’m Eat BratsMMM Sandwiches and Cake Face all serving their menus from noon to 3 p.m.

The Waterwalk is at 515 S. Main.

The winner: Hatch green chile hummus

Saturday’s Chile Fest and Food Truck Iron ChileHead Cookoff at Johnson’s Garden Centers was as fabulous as it was sweaty.

The winning dish

I sat on a judges’ panel that also included local foodies Guy Bower and Joe Stumpe.

Our job was to choose a winning dish from among several created by a group of food truckers using Johnson’s roasted Hatch green chiles.

It wasn’t easy, but we picked a winner: The Hopping Pita chef Roni Attari’s Hatch green chile hummus served with pita chips coated in Hatch green chile oil.

Chef Roni Attari and his ChileHead trophy.

The dish was spicy and flavorful and fabulous. My second-favorite dish: A peanut butter cookie sandwich filled with chocolate ganache spiked with Hatch green chiles. The amazing Cake Face bakers were responsible for that one.

We also had a great green chile pizza made Hopperoni Express, and MMM Sandwiches made an MMM taco that was full of all kinds of meat and green chile flavor.

Me, my mini-me Alexis, Guy and Marty Johnson broadcasting live Saturday at the Johnson’s Garden Centers Chile Fest.

I took home a bag of the green chiles Johnson’s was roasting on spot and on Sunday night whipped up my own amazing batch of chile verde, using the chiles plus tomatillos and pork. Here’s the recipe I used.

Johnson’s will have the chiles on sale at least through mid-September at all three of its locations: 2707 W. 13th St., 6225 E. Shadybrook and 802 N. Ridge Road. A bag of peppers costs $7.99.

The green chile pizza created by Hopperoni Express


Talkin chiles live on air with the Good Life Guy

Dinner last night, which I made using a bag of Hatch green chiles I got at the event.

BlackTop Nationals: Perfect place for hungry car fans

The big BlackTop Nationals  classic car and bike show, which draws more than 150,000 people from more than 20 states to the areas in and around Century II, is coming up this weekend.

And organizers have come up with a trendy method for feeding the crowds: Food trucks.

Instead of the River Festival-style food court the event had its first few years, this year, the BlackTop Nationals will have local food trucks and other vendors stationed throughout the event all three days.  No matter where they are at the show, attendees should find some mobile food nearby.

Among the trucks signed on to participate are B.S. Sandwich Press, Big Daddy’s Smoked Shack Meats, Chino’s Parrilla and the new Cajun food truck, Vautrot’s Cajun Goods. There will also be lemonade, root beer and funnel cake folks set up as well as Chris Cakes, the famous purveyor of pancakes and link sausages.

The food vendors will be serving from 3 to 9 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

For more information on the BlackTop Nationals, visit the website. Also, we’ll have a story in Friday’s Go! section about all the entertainment options there, which in addition to food includes live music.

Aieeeee! The newest food truck is Cajun

The newest food truck to hit the Wichita streets serves Cajun food — alligator bites, shrimp, catfish, stuffed crab, etouffee and more.

Vautrot’s Cajun Goods is based in Derby and is owned by Sherri Walker and her parents, Martha and Louis Vautrot.

The family originally hails from Louisiana, and Martha and Louis have owned a restaurant called Vautrot’s Cajun Cuisine in Beaumont, Texas, for several years.  But they’re ready to retire from the restaurant, so they’re leaving it to their son to run and relocating to Derby, where Sherri moved with her husband — a Koch Industries employee. The three will operate the food trailer together.

So far, they’ve been invited to several festivals around the region. This weekend, they’re at the Old Settlers festival in Mulvane, and next weekend, they’ll be part of the food truck fleet populating BlackTop Nationals in Wichita.

On Wednesday, they parked the trailer at Tiger Financial Management at 32nd and Rock in Wichita. Sherri said she’d consider taking the truck to other Wichita locations in the future, but for the time being, the festival circuit is keeping her plenty busy.

Diners can keep track of where Vautrot’s Cajun Goods will be through its Facebook page.

For more information, call 409-504-5066.

Cake Face buys new truck, sells old one

Cake Face, the food truck owned by Summer and Dave Schoenhals, needs more space, so the couple recently purchased a larger truck to replace the trailer they’ve used since opening in last July.

Cake Facers Dave and Summer Schoenhals.

The new truck is 18 X 8 and is one piece with the truck cab, just like the Flying Stove’s. The Schoenhals sold their 6 x 14-foot trailer to The Rolling Dough, a pizza food truck that Joseph and Cherre Nestelroad plan to open in September. They’ll have a wood-fired oven in the truck at at first hope to be open for Friday dinners, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch.

The Schoenhals will take three to four weeks to get their new rig fixed up then will turn the trailer over to the Nestelroads.

For now, the Cake Facers’ previous plans to open a stationary retail space are on hold. The deal they thought they had worked out fell through, and finding a different space has proven difficult, Summer said. The larger truck will give them the work and storage space they need to be out on the streets more.

Cake Face also has started selling some of its baked goods at businesses around town. Espresso to Go Go and Cero’s already carry some of their items, and Food For Thought will begin offering some soon.

Food truck gathering is back on for Sunday

Let’m Eat Brats will join the group at this month’s food truck rally.

Trouble with licensing last month prevented the local food truck fleet from putting on what had become a monthly gathering at the WaterWalk.

But those issues are now resolved, said organizer Jeff Schauf — an owner of the Flying Stove – and the July gathering is on for Sunday at WaterWalk Pavilion.

The event will feature many of Wichita’s food truck vendors, including new additions Let’m Eat Brats, Hopperoni Express and  The Hopping Pita. Old faithfuls  B.S. Sandwich PressCakefaceThe Flying Stove and MMM Sandwiches will be there too.

The day will start with 10 a.m. outdoor yoga, then from 11:30 to 2:30 p.m., the trucks will be serving and jazz will be playing.

A guide to Wichita’s food trucks

El Pollo Dorado is one of several taco trucks on Wichita’s north side.

As more and more food trucks have hit the streets of Wichita, I’ve had more and more people ask me to provide them a list of who’s who.

The list is long, so this week, I decided to compile it. My story printed in today’s Go! section is clip-and-savable, something to refer to when the food truck fever hits you.

Of course, the food truck scene is so fluid, it’s bound to change over the next several months. But this one will do for a while.

U-Hungry Truck: Wichita’s first food truck?

The U-Hungry Truck

I was out reviewing a restaurant last night when I stumbled across something interesting in the restaurant’s parking lot — a food truck I’d never seen before.

After quizzing its owner and sole employee, I discovered that this truck — called U-Hungry Truck — might just be one of Wichita’s pioneering mobile restaurants.

Arturo Ray hit the streets with the truck two years ago. He serves a little bit of everything, including fried catfish, fried shrimp, chicken wings, tacos, burritos, brats, pulled pork and Polish sausage.

He doesn’t operate like the other food truckers, do. Ray tends to drive around an area bordered by 21st Street, 17th Street, Oliver and I-135. When he sees people who look hungry, he stops and cooks for them. When I found him, he’d stopped at  Dollar General to buy more paper products and decided to just stay parked there for a bit and serve food.

Arturo Ray

Ray said he tried updating his location via Facebook, but when he did, he got a huge line that he couldn’t handle. His method works better, he said, and his regulars know his patterns.

Those who want to try U-Hungry can call Ray at 810-210-2592 to find out where he is. The truck is red and decorated with lots of vintage signs.

German food truck is up and rolling

The new truck is adorned with the German flag.

Manuela English recently opened her new German food truck, called Let’m Eat Brats

Like most food trucks, she’s keeping her fans informed about her daily location via Facebook and Twitter.  Today, she’ll be set up from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at World Market at 21st and Greenwich.

Her menu, where all items are $5 or less, includes various wurst, bierocks, kraut, strudel and more.

The menu

English, who is of German descent, has been working as a baker at Green Acres for the past eight years. She’s lived in the United States for 20.

For more information, call English at 316-617-2675.