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Paradise Donuts opens a second store today

The Wrights and their crew on opening morning.

The Wrights and their crew on opening morning.

The second location of Paradise Donuts opened early this morning.

Marilyn and Hervey Wright III, who opened the first Paradise Donuts at 3107 W. Central back in August, now also have a store at 10607 W. Maple, near Maple and Maize roads.

This one is bigger than the original, Marilyn said, and has more of a coffee shop feel. It’s bigger, has some areas of comfortable seating and eventually will be open later in the afternoons to accommodate people or groups such as book clubs in search of afternoon coffee and dessert.

The menu will include everything the original Paradise has, including both cake and raised doughnuts as well as breakfast burritos,  as well as items such as cheesecake, pie, muffins and cakes. It also has a fully stocked coffee bar.

The hours for the first few weeks are 5 a.m. to noon Mondays through Saturdays and 6 a.m. to noon on Sundays. Then, they’ll extend the hours to stay open until 4 p.m.

For more information, call 316-201-6380.

Paradise Donuts on Maple moves opening to January

A peek inside the new Paradise Donuts.

A peek inside the new Paradise Donuts.

They meant to open in the fall. But things got busy.

Then the holidays arrived, and things got really, really busy.

Now, Marilyn and Hervey Wright III say they’ll open their second location of Paradise Donuts, near Maple and Maize, just after the first of the year. They’re hoping for early January, Marilyn said.

The couple took over Wichita’s first Paradise Donuts at 3107 W. Central in August.

The second store will be  in 3,000 square feet at 10607 W. Maple. Stay tuned for updates.

The flavors of fall are everywhere

Freddy’s pumpkin pie concrete recently made its glorious, fall return.

This pumpkin spice thing has gotten kind of crazy. If a fall fan wanted, she could dine on pumpkin flavored foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, and I’m okay with that.

This week, I decided to gather up a list of pumpkin, apple and caramel flavored foods that have appeared in ice cream stores, coffee shops and doughnut places during the past several weeks. I’m publishing the list in tomorrow’s Go! section, but you can see it now.

Did I miss anything particularly terrific? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll add it to the online story.

Savories Tasty Shop will open soon

The inside of the about-to-open Savories Tasty Shop & Coffee House.

Savories Tasty Shop & Coffee House, a new stop for donuts, pastries and coffee drinks, is set to open in a couple of weeks in the Mid American Credit Union branch 2900 Webb Road.

The shop is owned by Shawn Blattner, one half of the duo that created Dolci & Joes. That sandwich shop operated at 3425 E. Douglas (where Taco Tinga is now) opened in 2009 but closed a year ago.

Savories, which will open on Feb. 11, will have a drive-through and seating for about 18. It’ll open to anyone — not just credit union members — and it’ll serve donuts from the Flying Donuts, cupcake-shaped servings of cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate cake and more, and a full line 0f coffee drinks.

Hours will be 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays.

Blattner said he and Josh Crowe still hope to bring Dolci & Joes food back to Wichita some time, but it’ll likely be two or three years from now. The problem with their spot, Blattner said, was that there wasn’t enough parking. Business went way down after College Hill Deli & Catering opened next door in 2010, and Blattner theorizes that parking was part of that.

Donut Whole “cooking” the good stuff

Those of you who love AMC’s “Breaking Bad” as much as I do will no doubt be racing me to the Donut Whole in the morning.

Look what they just posted on their Facebook page: 

Free doughnuts for pirates today

I know a couple of people who could pretty much cater a doughnut party today.

Yes, the rumors are true: Today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” and if you play along, Krispy Kreme will give you free glazed dougnnuts.

All day today, anyone who visits the Krispy Kreme at 7777 E. Central and talks like a pirate gets one free Original Glazed doughnut.  Those who walk in wearing full pirate attire get a dozen for free.

I was amused by the list of rules Krispy Kreme shared in a press release. Here they are:

Come to a participating Krispy Kreme location in full pirate costume for one FREE dozen Original Glazed doughnuts. NO WEAPONS ALLOWED!

Talk like a pirate or wear an eye patch to a participating Krispy Kreme shop for one FREE Original Glazed doughnut.

Offer good for one free doughnut per customer who wears an eye patch or talks like a pirate to a Krispy Kreme team member at a participating shop.  One free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts per customer who wears a full pirate costume into a participating Krispy Kreme location. 

Krispy Kreme is open 24 hours, so the offer is good until midnight tonight. For more information, call 316-618-3688.

Big weekend for celebs at the Donut Whole

Comedian Kathy Griffin on Sunday with Donut Whole employee Breanna Cox.

The Donut Whole, the shop at 1720 E. Douglas that specializes in colorful and creative cake doughnuts, spent much of its weekend catering to celebs who were in town.

At about noon on Sunday, comedian and television star Kathy Griffin, who was in Wichita to perform at the Cotillion, popped into the shop. She ordered three doughnuts, then ordered four more to go, said co-owner Michael Carmody. (Round one: strawberry malt, chocolate streusel and a peanut butter/pretzel. Round two: sandwich cookie, S’mores, chocolate crunch and caramel sea salt.)

“I watch her show all the time on Bravo so I knew instantly who it was, but I didn’t want to make a big deal about it,” said Breanna Cox, the employee who first spotted Griffin. After a while, though, she and another employee approached the star and had a fun conversation with her, Cox said.

People who attended Griffin’s show later on Sunday night reported that she went on and on about the doughnuts while on stage. “We made extra doughnuts today just in case we got a flood of newbies,” Carmody told me this morning.

Also this weekend, the Donut Whole catered doughnuts for George Strait’s crew at Intrust Bank Arena. Carmody said that the shop is regularly asked to help fill “riders,” which are visiting artists’ list of requests outlined in their contracts. Also on Saturday, Carmody said, arena employees stopped in to pick up a half dozen Sunshine Citrus Crunch doughnuts, a request from Strait’s co-headliner and Kansas native Martina McBride.

Wonder if word of Wichita’s doughnut dominance will spread to Jason Aldean?

Changes for The Jaded Pearl

A tea-loving reader alerted me earlier this week to the fact that The Jaded Pearl, the new tea shop that opened in late October at 1716 E. Douglas, is closed. So I called owner Michael Carmody to find out what was going on.

Customers were confused by the two-businesses-in-one concept, he said. The Jaded Pearl, which specialized in tea, toast with “schmears,” and cereal, operated right next door to The Donut Whole, 1720 E. Douglas, and is adjoined to it by a door. Even though the two businesses were technically one, The Jaded Pearl had its own counter and cash register. So a customer who wanted tea with his donut, for example, had to order twice.

Carmody decided to rearrange the counter at The Donut Whole, and when he’s done, people will place all orders on that side of the business. The Jaded Pearl room will remain open for extra seating and for private functions, but the counter will be gone. Carmody said he’s axing the cereal from the original Jaded Pearl menu but he’s keeping the tea and toast. In the meantime, The Jaded Pearl will remain closed.

The Donut Whole, meanwhile, will celebrate its third birthday next Friday, Jan. 20, with an all-ages party featuring music from Dustin Arbuckle and Wayne Long. The party starts at 8 p.m. For more information, call 316-262-3700.

Question of the week: Most delightful doughnut

A sampling of doughnuts from Paradise Donuts, 3107 W. Central.

For this week’s dining page in Go!, I’m providing mini-reviews of three of Wichita’s newest doughnut purveyors: Paradise Donuts, Flying Donuts and Prairie Donuts.

I enjoyed sampling all three, even though I made myself and my co-workers fairly ill for the rest of the day. (Perhaps sampling one shop a day for three days would have been a more prudent idea.) Our favorite of the three was Flying Donuts, though they all had their redeeming qualities.

The question of the week: Which Wichita doughnut maker makes Wichita’s best? Do you have a particular doughnut at your favorite shop that you crave more than others?

Answer in the comments section below.

Donut shop switcheroo

Squeek’s Daylight Donuts closed its 1845 S. Rock Road store about three months ago (though the one at 734 N. Waco is still open.)

But that doesn’t mean the McConnell-ish area is without a donut shop.

Prairie Donuts opened two months later across the street at 1652 S. Rock Road, next door to the Starbucks at Harry and Rock. It’s owned by Samie and Matthew San, who are relatives of the owners of the closed store. They are now are making the same type of donuts — glazed, cake, long johns, cinnamon rolls, bear claws, apple fritters and more. Samie says she’d like to try adding kolache and croissants to the offerings soon.

The shop is open from 4:30 a.m. to noon daily and has about four tables. For more information, call 316-651-5553.