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Oh, no. And furthermore, sigh.

The Infamous BOB.

Though I’d rather not, I feel it’s my duty to direct your attention to the bad/sad restaurant news Carrie uncovered yesterday.

I hope it all gets resolved soon, not only for the sake of the people involved but also for the sake of sandwich fans in Wichita and Andover.

New restaurant roundup


If you are among the zillions of Carrie Rengers’ Have You Heard devotees, you already know everything I’m about to tell you. But it never hurts to talk about my favorite topic — NEW RESTAURANTS — as often as possible.

We’ve recently reported about several restaurants planned for Wichita. Among them:

Newport Grill: I’m most excited about a new seafood restaurant that will open in November in the former Cibola Space in Bradley Fair. Newport Grill is a new concept by PB&J Restaurants, the same Kansas City-based company that owns Yia Yia’s Eurobistro in Bradley Fair. The restaurant will fly in fresh fish six days a week and will offer a menu full of gourmet fish and non-fish dishes.

T.J.’s east: The owner of Delano’s popular T.J.’s Burger House at 1003 W. Douglas has plans to open an east-side location. It should open in late September near Harry and Webb, behind Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant.

Cafe 151: Ben Arnold, whose Corporate Caterers empire just keeps growing and growing, announced this week that he’ll take over the restaurant space at Cargill’s Wichita headquarters that Piccadilly Express just vacated. It’ll open in November or December and will serve breakfast and lunch.

Have you heard how busy she’s been?

676-rengers_carrie.mugshot.prod_affiliate.80My colleague Carrie Rengers, she of the “Have You Heard” blog, has an uncanny ability to somehow find out about businesses that are opening (or not opening) almost before the people opening them even know. Restaurants are her specialty.

Carrie’s been on a roll lately, so I thought I’d round up some of her restaurant headlines, just in case you missed ‘em.

Probably no BenchWarmers after all: Mainly because the guy who was going to open the sports bar at 37th and Rock is now incarcerated.

Piccadilly Express, the downtown version of the Latour anchor, has closed.

Orange Leaf frozen yogurt is planning a third shop at Central and Greenwich. PEANUT BUTTER FROYO FOR ALL!

Frida’s, which made my favorite Wichita Mexican food, is closed for now while owners look for a new location. I have threatened physical harm to owner Mario Quiroz if he fails to reopen.

The Chili’s that closed last year at 21st and Greenwich is reopening.

That’s all for now. But give her five minutes or so.

Carrie explains it all

The Players/Brooklyn Chophouse thingy explained by Carrie.

Mystery solved!


My lovely and talented colleague Mizz Carrie Rengers, she of the Have You Heard blog, has solved the mystery about the Brooklyn Chophouse signs that have people all atwitter.

Read all about it.