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Free chili for first 100 at Red Robin today

Red Robin, the burger restaurant at 9990 E 13th St., is offering a free cup of chili to the first 100 guests who ask for it today. They open in less than an hour, so start shoveling and warming up the car.

The promotion is playing off the fact that Hell has frozen over today. Hell, Mich., that is. (Doesn’t Michigan freeze over every day of the winter?)

Red Robin’s hours today are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, call 316-425-6300.

Question of the week: Wichita’s best burger?

Mmmmm. Freddy’s Steakburger. My favorite.

Mooyah, which opened on Monday, is the latest of several burger chains that have opened in Wichita over the past several years. Some have made it (Five Guys) and some have not (Smashburger.)

This week’s question: What’s your favorite burger served in Wichita?

People always ask me this question when I’m around town giving talks about restaurants, and my answer is always Freddy’s Frozen Custard steakburgers. I just love the super-flat, crispy on the edges, melty cheese goodness of those burgers.

What about you?

A look at Mooyah, which opens today

A “Mooyah style” burger

Today’s the first official day in business for Mooyah, a new hamburger chain operated by former KSN anchor Anthony Powell  and his wife that’s opening in the former Blockbuster spot at 352 S. West St.

I checked out Mooyah over the weekend, when Powell had the business up and running so that his employees could have a dress rehearsal. My first impressions of the place were good.

I tried a burger made “Mooyah style” with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions and “Mooyah sauce,” which was sort of like Thousand Island dressing.  It costs $5.25 and came with two patties and a whole bunch of melty cheese. Highly recommended.

Any parents out there will understand why this is an extra-nice feature at Mooyah.

I also tasted both the sweet potato fries and the regular fries but preferred the former, which tasted like dessert. The regular fries were good, too, but a bit too seasoned for my taste.

Diners walk in and fill out a burger ballot, instructing the kitchen exactly how they want their meal made, which is kind of fun. Also fun — the interior of the restaurant, which is filled with whimsical decor (light fixtures crafted out of old rulers) and a giant chalk board that will keep the kids occupied.

Mooyah’s hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. For more information, call 316-558-5600.

Two new restaurants for the west side

The west side has one new restaurant as of today and will get another one on Nov. 5.

Wichita’s newest Chipotle is officially opening today at Maple and Ridge. The restaurant took over the spot at 7130 W. Maple that once held Scrapbook Garden.

It’s Wichita’s fifth Chipotle, and it joins the restaurants at Kellogg and Rock, at 29th and Rock, at 21st and Maize and at Central and Hillside. Its hour are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, and its phone number is 316-942-0263.

Another anticipated chain will open nearby on Nov. 5. Wichita’s first Mooyah, which will be operated by former KSN anchor Anthony Powell and his wife, is almost finished in the former Blockbuster spot at 352 S. West St.

There’s a Mooyah in Garden City that opened in May, and more are planned for the Wichita area. It specializes in burgers, fries and also has a long list of shakes, including chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter.

I called Powell this morning and interviewed him while he huffed and puffed on a stair master. He’s a health nut and said that Wichitans will be pleasantly surprised by the restaurant’s turkey burger and veggie burger, which he said both are unusually delicious.

The restaurant also will have several flat screen television sets mounted, so customers have the option of eating quickly and leaving or staying for a while to linger over a shake, he said.

Mooyah’s hours will also be 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Dining Panel review: Harry’s Uptown

It’s almost patio season, and one of the most fun patios in town is the one at Harry’s Uptown Bar & Grill at 3023 E. Douglas.

I don’t think to go there often enough, but every time I have, I’ve had a great time.

This week, Wichita Eagle Dining Panel member Brandi Koskie wrote a review of Harry’s and declared its burgers among the best in Wichita.

Check out her review, then check out Harry’s this weekend.

Mooyah’s first Wichita spot: West Street

The new Mooyah will open this fall in the former Blockbuster spot on West Street.

There’s finally news on where Wichita’s first Mooyah will open in Wichita.

Anthony Powell, a former anchor for KSN, and his wife finalized a deal late last week to build a franchise of the chain in the former Blockbuster spot at 352 S. West St.

There’s a Mooyah in Garden City that opened in May. More are planned for the Wichita area.

Mooyah specializes in burgers, fries and shakes. It offers both turkey and veggie burgers as options, and it also has a long list of shakes, including chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter. Yay!

Two downtown restaurant closings

 Two downtown restaurants have recently closed their doors.

One is Air Capital Steak House, the restaurant that Matthew Carr opened in late March the former Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill spot at 233 N. Mosley. The business started off with a string of bad luck, he said, including a deadly shooting on the doorstep on opening day. Despite good reviews from customers, it never really recovered, he said. Carr closed the doors a little more than a week ago and now is looking for other opportunities.

“I still love the Old Town district,” he said. “I’m still a big believer in it.”

About the same time, Josh and Bri Sams closed their Hamburger Hero, the burger restaurant they’d relocated from Park City to 221 S. Broadway in December.

 The restaurant, which had developed a following for its delicious burgers and fresh-cut fries, faced a few tough business breaks, said Petroleum Building owner Kyle Hughes, who said he was sorry to see the restaurant go. “It’s sad  because it was awesome,” he said. “They had a great following. People were coming from all over.”

Hughes is looking for another restaurant to put in the space and says he already has one lead. He promises to let me know when he has something firm lined up.

Radio guys vs. Fat Tony’s giant burger

The Bobby Bones crew. Carlos is on the far left, and Lunchbox is on the far right.

Two of the personalities from the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show will spend Saturday in Wichita, and one of their planned activities is giant burger consumption.

I’ve told you about the food challenges offered at Fat Tony’s, the sports bar at 417 E. Douglas . Recently, I watched as blog reader Frank White tried, unsuccessfully, to prevail in the restaurant’s nuclear wing challenge.

On Saturday, Carlos and Lunchbox, two of Bobby Bones’ radio sidekicks, will visit Fat Tony’s to check out the restaurant’s burger challenge, which requires an individual to consume a 10 lb. burger with all the fixings plus a pound of fries in 45 minutes. Those who do get the $34.99 meal for free. No one has ever successfully completed this challenge.

The radio guys, smartly, don’t think they can, either. So they’re going to split the burger and see which one of them can finish it first. They’re inviting fans to come to the restaurant and watch — or take the challenge themselves. They’ll be at Fat Tony’s from 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday. (Those who want to participate in the challenge need to sign up today by calling 316-303-9316.)

After that, they’re going to the Wichita Wingnuts game and then will be meeting fans from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Doc Howard’s Lounge, the nightclub owned by the Fat Tony’s folks at 252 N. Mosley.

The Bobby Bones show is broadcast out of Austin and airs on radio stations across the country. In Wichita, it airs at weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. on Channel 96.3.

Just opened: La Reyna 2

As of Saturday, all of the ice cream goodness of Paleteria La Reyna — the ice cream and Mexican food place at 2925 N. Arkansas — is more accessible to west-siders.

Gabriela Velasquez, the daughter of Paleteria La Reyna’s owners, opened Hamburgesas y Helados: La Reyna 2, on Saturday. The restaurant is in the old Sonic building recently vacated by Sloppy Joe’s at  803 N. West St., which closed in January after six months in business.

It’ll be different from the original in that it will specialize in hamburgers and hot dogs, available topped with pico de gallo for a Mexican twist. It’ll also serve Paleteria La Reyna’s wonderful Mexican ice cream bars and homemade ice cream, of which I am a big fan.

There’s room for about 30 to sit inside.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily except Wednesdays, when the restaurant is closed.

Two closings, one reopening

Pimiento, the Mexican restaurant that opened last summer in the former Quizno’s space at 738 N. Waco, has been closed for a couple of weeks, a sign on the door citing a family emergency.

Former owner Claudia Orozco has been having health problems, the restaurant’s landlord said. She and her husband Javier have sold the restaurant to Hector Hernandez, a McPherson resident who once owned a restaurant in Dodge City. He will sign the lease this week and plans to reopen Pimiento soon. He’s planning to keep the name and the current menu but may add burgers.

I’ll update you when I get more information.

Readers also alerted me to another restaurant closing. The doors are locked, the equipment is gone and the phone number is disconnected at D’s Dairy Freeze, a hamburger spot that opened a couple of years ago in a former Pig-In Pig-Out space at 1935 S. Hydraulic.

I heard nothing but good things about the burgers at the tiny restaurant. I’ve sent a message to owners asking if they plan to reopen. I’ll let you know what I hear on that one, too.