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A couple of dining changes

Ever since I started my Dining with Denise newsletter, I’ve included a “question of the week” that I posed on our forums, found at

But now that I have this fancy new blog, there’s no need to spread all the dining discussion out all over the web. So I’m going to abandon this restaurant forum and move the discussion here.


Starting today, I’ll ask the question of the week here and link to it from the newsletter. I won’t be checking the old forum very often anymore, but I will start a new once-a-week “open thread” on this blog where you can bring up any ole dining topic you’d like, ask me questions, etc.

Today’s question is the same as last week’s because it somehow got lost in space when the forums were switched to a new format. Answer the question below in the comments section, if you’d be so kind, and I’ll publish some of your answers and a new question in next week’s newsletter.

What restaurant foods go best with beer? And what beer do you most like to enjoy in what local restaurant?