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Sign gone at Saigon

And a new one is in its place. Fans of Wichita’s flagship Vietnamese restaurant at 1103 N. Broadway may have noticed during the past several weeks that the place was sign-less. Some killer wind attacked a few weeks ago and did the old sign in. But a new, yellow-er one is now in place. And […]

Lunar New Year means it’s dragon dancing time at Wichita restaurants

It’ll be a festive weekend at many Asian restaurants in Wichita. The Lunar New Year begins on Friday, and several local Asian restaurants will be celebrating with dragon dancers and more. Among them: 1.¬†Saigon, 1103 N. Broadway: This Vietnamese restaurant invites dragon dancers into the restaurant every year, and this year, the dancers will be […]

Needed: Wichita restaurant reviewers

Almost a year and a half ago, we assembled our inaugural Wichita Eagle Dining Panel. We selected 12 local foodies whose knowledge about the Wichita restaurant scene was above average and asked them to begin visiting and rating older restaurants. Since May of 2012, the panel has reviewed dozens and dozens of restaurants, and in […]

Metro To Go will bring you food, medicine, etc.

Scrolling through Facebook, I recently noticed that The Artichoke had just signed on to partner with a business called Metro To Go. As it turns out, The Artichoke isn’t the 3-year-old businesses’ only dining partner. Owned by George Odom, Metro To Go will deliver just about anything to anyone who is within the borders of […]

Lunar New Year: Time for dancing and dining

The Lunar New Year is nigh, and a couple of local Asian restaurants will be celebrating with colorful, dance-y displays. (It’s the year of the sssssssssssssnake, by the way.) On Saturday, Oh Yeah! China Bistro at 3101 N. Rock Road will be putting on a traditional lion dance. It’ll start at 1:30 p.m. and is […]

A look at the Kimlan Sandwiches menu

It’s open! It’s open! Kimlan Sandwiches, the new banh mi place at 1035 N. Broadway, is now open and serving a big menu of Vietnamese sandwiches, stuffed with bbq pork, meatballs, ham, headcheese, veggies and more. (My co-worker is calling it “Middle Saigon,” a nod to its location in between Saigon at 1103 N. Broadway¬†and […]

New banh mi place will open soon

North Broadway is a good street to frequent if you love Vietnamese food. In a few weeks, a new restaurant called Kimlan Banh Mi Sandwiches will open at 1035 N. Broadway in a former Pizza Hut building. It’s right next door to the fabulous Little Saigon restaurant at 1015 N. Broadway and right down the […]

Three Vietnamese food headlines

Over the past year, I’ve realized something: My favorite food in Wichita is Vietnamese food. I don’t know when it happened, but I think it was somewhere in between my discovery of the existence of banh mi sandwiches and my first bite of beef stew at My Tho. Now, I crave the fresh, basil-y, grilled […]

Question of the week: Best restaurant products for home use?

At last night’s fun dinner at Pat and Don Hysko’s house, Pat shared her secret about buying Knolla’s pizza dough raw whenever she wanted to make homemade pizza. Her theory: If a restaurant can sell you something it takes a while to make (or that you can’t make any better) and it’s inexpensive and good […]

Happy New Year

Here’s my friend Jaime Green’s annual video created from the colorful and noisy New Year’s celebration at Saigon, 1103 N. Broadway. Enjoy…