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Calling all baristas: Reverie having a throwdown on Saturday

Are you among the hundreds of local¬†coffee shop workers who steams milk like a boss and crafts a killer latte? For $5, you can compete in Saturday night’s Midwest Barista Collective Barista Throwdown at Reverie Coffee Roasters,¬†2611 E. Douglas. The event will feature local baristas steaming milk and using it to make a latte. A […]

Larry Bud’s having Thanksgiving Eve ‘Duck Dynasty’ party

The night before Thanksgiving is always a big night for Larry Bud’s, said owner Will Harmon. People are in town visiting their kinfolk and need to lube themselves up for family interaction with some beers, etc. The bar is always packed. This year, Harmon decided to add a twist to the Thanksgiving Eve festivities and […]

Cravings Gluten Free Bakery coming to Clifton Square

When Danielle Brittian’s doctor advised her to try a gluten-free diet last year, she wasn’t thrilled. A lifelong lover of baked goods, her bread and sweets cravings were severe. Her husband, Brett, advised she take her frustration to the kitchen. Now, Brittian is about to open Cravings Gluten Free Bakery in a spot next to […]

Collecting calorie-saving tips from cops

I was standing in line at Subway today next to a nicely-dressed man clutching a police scanner. But that wasn’t the most interesting thing about standing next to him. I overheard the man, who it turns out was Detective Dwain Diehl of the Wichita Police Department, ordering his sandwich in a very interesting way. He […]

New culinary program having a sweet opening

Until recently, inspiring professional chefs who wanted to study close to home had to go to Johnson County Community College’s culinary arts program. But as of this fall, there’s one in Wichita, too. Butler Community College recently added a Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts. The program results in an associates degree, and classes are […]

Question of the week: Diners behaving badly

Last week, I asked customers about the worst experiences they’ve ever had with a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. One reader suggested I turn the question around this week, which I thought was a great idea. Waiters and waitresses, I’m now asking you: What’s the worst treatment you’ve ever received from a customer? Spare […]

Question of the week: Egregious waiter behavior?

Waiters and waitresses put up with a lot of nastiness from the general public. But occasionally, a server dishes out his or her own plate of nastiness. This weekend, I was appalled to watch a waiter/bartender scoop a wad of chewin’ tobacco into his lip. Ewww. And I seem to be a magnet for waiters […]

A little AVI update

Two things of interest from AVI, the restaurant Ben Arnold is busily working on inside the newly remodeled Drury Plaza Broadview Hotel. (I posted the menu a few weeks ago.) 1.) The name has been lengthened to more appropriately reflect the menu. The restaurant officially will be called AVI Seabar & Chophouse. 2.) The opening […]

A look at the AVI menu

Ben Arnold just shared with me the new menu for AVI, the fine dining restaurant he plans to open in the newly remodeled Drury Plaza Broadview Hotel. Created with input from new chef Adam Courtney (who replaced Jeremy Wade), the menu includes high-end dishes such as steak, veal and duck. There’s also a delightfully long […]

I’ll have what the Quizno’s ad department is having

I support silliness in all forms, but I’m really starting to wonder what exactly is going on in the advertising department of Quizno’s. I’ve been to Quizno’s. I’ve eaten at Quizno’s. Nothing I’ve experienced there is even half as trippy as the commercial campaigns these sandwich makers come up with. The kittens make me scratch […]