Chef Febres gets TV practice with ‘Bizarre Snacks’

Fans of local chef Jason Febres, owner of Taste and See at 255 N. Washington, know that he is not the least bit uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Nutella-dipped grasshopper, anyone?

Nutella-dipped grasshopper, anyone?

The chef has made several appearances on national television, working as a consultant on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” and as a contestant on Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” and “Cutthroat Kitchen.”

Febres also has been public on social media about his desire to have his own national cooking show and has hinted that some sort of a deal is in the works. His quest to land a show has resulted in a bizarre web series called “Bizarre Snacks.”

Febres started filming the short webisodes back in June, he said, following the advice of a producer who said that networks would be more likely to consider him if they could see more evidence of how he performed on camera.

In “Bizarre Snacks,” which can be found on Febres’ YouTube channel, jasonfebres1, the chef films himself and often his Taste and See guests trying outrageous, strange and rather gross ingredients. So far, he’s tackled fried silk worms, Nutella-dipped grasshoppers, ant and sesame candy bars and snake bites. His favorite has been spicy squid jerky, he said.

“It was so disgusting, but it was so good,” he said. “The flavor was nice but the texture was really bizarre.”

In each episode, Febres gives a little background about the ingredient’s actual use then films the various stages of revulsion as he and his guests choke down the snack.

Febres says he tracks down the delicacies at a variety of sources, including online and in local Asian and Indian markets. In September, Febres said, he will put on a free event in his restaurant where he will invite brave customers to come sample mystery ingredients if they agree to let him film their reactions.

I’ll let you know when he sets a date.

To keep up with the Bizarre Snacks installments, which Febres hopes to produce about once a week, like his Bizarre Snacks Facebook page or subscribe to his YouTube channel.