A guide to Riverfest food, 2014 edition

Charlie Powers checks out a display of deep fried shrimp, chicken and  potatoes while having an ice cream cone for an appetizer at the Wichita River  Festival Food Court Friday afternoon.The Wichita River Festival opens tomorrow, and you know what that means. The Wichita River Festival food court also opens tomorrow.

The main food court will be back where it belongs on Century II Drive, and this year, there will be two satellite food courts, too: a sizable one near the Cox Kids Corner at the WaterWalk, and a small one open just in the evenings and on weekends at the Ackerman’s Backyard area near A. Price Woodard Park.

Visitors can find all the traditional foods they’ve come to expect, such as roasted corn, funnel cakes, NuWays and chicken on a stick. And there will also be a few new wacky additions: fied peanut butter and jelly, grilled lemonade, fried cookie dough, chicken and waffles and more.

My story about Riverfest food will be in tomorrow’s Go section, but you can read it now. It includes the whole menu so you can plan your deep fried dining adventure in advance.

For the record, my two absolute favorite things to eat at the River Festival are the shredded beef burrito from Tad’s Bodacious Burrito and the fried pickle spears at Hoopingarner’s Philly Steak, both of which are on the main food court.

What’s the festival fare you must have each year?