Downtown restaurant Pasta Piazza is closed

I thought — and hoped — that Pasta Piazza had finally broken the curse on the space at 217 E. Douglas that has seen a revolving door of restaurants since I moved here almost 17 years ago. But it wasn’t to be.

On Monday, owners announced on Facebook that they’re closing the restaurant and relocating to Dallas.


The restaurant, owned by Kas Zendeli and his daughter Lita Zendeli, opened in October of 2012 as Bravos, serving the Italian dishes Zendeli had made famous at his previous restaurant, Bravo’s Italiani in Valley Center. Last summer, the Zendelis changed the name of the restaurant to Pasta Piazza to avoid a lawsuit from Italian chain  Bravo Cucina Italiana.

The Zendelis battled the same problems many of their 217 E. Douglas predecessors had, including lack of parking and sparse downtown crowds after hours on weekends, but over the past couple of years, they’d earned a loyal following for their homemade Italian dishes and heavenly yeast garlic rolls.1002897_545698792132341_1451567616_n

Among the restaurants that have come and gone from the space in recent years: Holy land Mediterranean Grill, Onyx Bistro and DK Kitchen.

We’ll let you know if another restaurant takes over the space.