How to make a grilled pizza, step by step

In Sunday’s paper, you’ll find the second annual edition of a special publication we call “Perfect Summer.”

The features staff at the Eagle has been busy for weeks now gathering up all the information you’ll need to lead the most perfect life imaginable during the hot-weather months.

For one of my contributions, I was asked to reveal the secret behind my famous grilled pizzas, which I’ve been perfecting for a decade. They taste good, impress guests and are fun to make.

Here’s a sneak peek at my story, with a bonus how-to video I made with the assistance of Eagle photographer Jaime Green.

Sunday’s “Perfect Summer” section also will include a guide to Kansas microbreweries, a comprehensive list of Wichita food trucks, a story about ice cream making, and some summer cocktail recipes from some of your favorite local bars.

It’s not all about food and drink, though. There are also stories about gardening, entertaining, travel and more.