Ben George the new chef at Siena Tuscan Steakhouse

Ben George, right, competing in a local chef competition

Ben George, right, competing in a local chef competition

Siena Tuscan Steakhouse, the restaurant inside the Ambassador Hotel at 104 S. Broadway,  has hired a chef to replace Marshall Roth, who left the restaurant earlier this month.

And the new chef’s face is familiar to Wichita foodies.

It’s Ben George, who most recently worked as the executive chef of Treat America at Beech Activity Center. Before that, he was at Tallgrass Country Club, and he also has worked at The Anchor. (Interesting trivia: George was in the running for the Siena job when the restaurant first opened. When the restaurant hired Roth, George took his old job at Treat America.)

George, famous for the magic he works with smoked pork and for his willingness to participate in all the various chef competitions around town, said he is planning major overhauls of the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. He’ll make the changes in about a month, he said, and he’ll focus on the type of food Wichitans wants at prices they want to pay.

Stay tuned for news on the new menus.