Review: Who knew a $5 pizza could taste good?

Behold: The $4.99 pepperoni

Behold: The $4.99 pepperoni

My review for Friday’s Go! section is of Cheezies Pizza, a chain that has two franchises in Wichita, both of which belong to  Tracy’s Automotive owner Mike Ryno.

He opened the first one at 3804 W. Maple in 2011 and added a second early this year in a spot at 601 E. First St. The new one is attached to one of his auto shops.

The headline: Although Cheezies is hardly gourmet dining, the $4.99 cheese and pepperoni pizzas it sells are surprisingly good. I anticipate this will become a go-to spot for me when I need to feed large numbers of kids, which is a fairly frequent occurrence in my life.

Anyone else been there? Read my review and tell me what you think.