A week of chili at Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

185939_188089224564957_6304569_nWith a whole bunch of snow and freezing temps imminent, Wichita is going to need all the chili it can get.

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen at 1725 E. Douglas is here to help. The restaurant has declared this week chili week and will serve a different type of chili every day this week.

Here’s the lineup. I’m particularly interested in Saturday’s pulled pork chili verde.

Monday: Italian spiced chili with fennel roasted eggplant
Tuesday: Hearty chipotle turkey chili topped with diced red onions
Wednesday: Red lentil chili with pineapple topped with avocado creme fraiche
Thursday: Creamy white chicken chili
Friday: Kelly Rae’s bull’s blood chili topped with fresh bacon
Saturday: Pulled pork chili verde made with fire roasted poblano peppers

For more information, contact Tanya’s at¬†316-267-7687.