Fresh bread at Siena, Ambassador

Fresh loaves made by Siena's new bread man.

Fresh loaves made by Siena’s new bread man.

When Chef Marshall Roth crunched the numbers, he liked what he saw.

He could continue to supply his Siena Tuscan Steakhouse and the Ambassador Hotel with high-end bread ordered from La Brea Bakery in California. Or he could hire the man standing in his kitchen, experienced bread man Nicholas Maya, to make the bread fresh daily.

Roth picked Maya and realized in the process that he’d save money.

Maya now is baking dozens of loaves daily for Roth to serve throughout the  hotel. He’s making a sun dried tomato roasted garlic loaf, black olive table bread, brioche for French toast and bread pudding and ciabatta rolls for sandwiches. Roth plans to put him on dinner roll duty soon, too.

Roth said he’d be willing to sell loaves to customers to take home, though he’s working on a pricing structure.

In the meantime, he’s excited about his new employee. “Having fresh baked bread in you restaurant is every chef’s dream,” he said.