Spangles surprised by sales of ‘The Beast’

Spangles customers MIkey, 8, and Cole, 10, tackle The Beast.

Spangles customers MIkey, 8, and Cole, 10, tackle The Beast.

Local hamburger chain Spangles introduced an item I’d put in the category of “stunt food” on Christmas Eve. And customers are playing along with surprising enthusiasm, the restaurant’s marketing director says.

It’s a burger named “The Beast,” and it features six 1/3-pound steak burger patties layered with 12 slices of American cheese and topped with mustard, ketchup, onion and pickle.

The burger, a 3,000-calorie monster, is too big for the average mouth to even bite. ┬áBut that’s not stopping Spangles customers.

Um..... No.

Me?….. No.

On New Year’s Day, said marketing director Stephanie Huckins, 12 people ordered the burger, including a pair of brothers who challenged each other to a burger-eating contest.

The burger, which costs $21.99, was the brainchild of Dale Steven, the chain’s co-owner.

“It’s something fun for people to talk about,” Huckins said. “We don’t expect people to eat it alone by any means.”

The Beast is a limited-time offering but will be around as long as customers keep ordering it, Huckins said.

By the way, if the sixer isn’t enough, you can also get ┬áThe Beast in a value pack for $24.99.