says Flying Stove is cool

stoversA article¬†posted on Monday puts Wichita’s own The Flying Stove on a list of “25 of the Coolest” Food Trucks in America.

Though the list is not definitive, says author Karsten Strauss in the intro, it’s a “collection of some of the finest and more successful food trucks in the land.”

Jeff Schauf, who owns the truck with his chef brother Rob Schauf, said he had absolutely no idea how the truck made the list. He heard about it like everyone else did — on Facebook.

“It’s pretty cool when you work hard and someone notices, even if you don’t known how they noticed,” he said.

In other Stove news, the boys and their food truck buddies plan to gather this Sunday from 11:30 to 2:30 at the ¬†for their monthly Food Trucks at the Fountains event at Waterwalk. It’s set to be cold, so this month’s installment won’t have any outdoor extras, but several trucks will be there serving lots of hot food.