You can drink your art when it’s on your latte

You can look at art. Or you can drink it.

Several coffee shops around Wichita of late are embracing latte art — a fun trend in which coffee artists sculpt pictures in the top of drinks using foam. Mead’s Corner at 430 E. Douglas has been doing it for a while and will commonly add hearts or rosettes to the tops of drinks. And Birds on the Roof Cafe, which recently opened at 550 N. Rock Road, has a resident latte artist who works after 4 p.m. and creates intricate drink drawings.

Last week, I persuaded Espresso to Go Go’s Teresa Nguyen to show me how it’s done. Espresso to Go Go doesn’t usually do latte art for customers, mainly because all their cups are to-go cups and the pace at the shop is too fast. But during downtime lately, artist Nguyen has been creating some scary Halloween latte art. On Friday, she demonstrated how she created a coffee-top replication of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.”