Crust & Crumb Co. solving Wichita’s crusty bread crisis

Sharon Entz in her bakery

For this week’s dining page in Go! I got to write about one of my favorite topics.

Bread. Specifically, crusty bread.

I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Crust & Crumb Co., a Newton-based bakery started by Sharon Entz.

She bakes crusty loves of sourdough and ciabatta plus baguettes in her professional-grade bakery set up in the attached garage in her house.

The lack of good crusty bread in Wichita has long been a complaint of mine.

Sharon is fixing that problem and sells her bread Saturday mornings at the Old Town Farmers’ Market as well as at several smaller grocery stores in Wichita and Newton.

Mmmmm. Crusty bread.

She’s also supplying the bread for a growing number of restaurants.

Read my story about Sharon, who at this moment is making hot fresh bread deliveries all around town.