Collecting calorie-saving tips from cops

For the record, this is not Detective Diehl’s sandwich. His was wrapped up to-go and made on the healthier wheat bread.

I was standing in line at Subway today next to a nicely-dressed man clutching a police scanner.

But that wasn’t the most interesting thing about standing next to him. I overheard the man, who it turns out was Detective Dwain Diehl of the Wichita Police Department, ordering his sandwich in a very interesting way.

He asked the Sandwich Artist to hollow out his bread. And she knew exactly what he meant.

She began tugging the soft center out of the sliced wheat bread she was about to build his sandwich on. The finished product was mostly crust.

Diehl says he learned the trick after he was diagnosed with diabetes and took a nutrition class. He’s always trying to find ways to save calories and carbs,especially when eating out, and the hollowing-out-the-bread trick is one trick he learned.  He also hollows out hamburger and hotdog buns when he’s cooking at home.

We sat down and discussed other calorie-saving tips that can be used in restaurants, such as dipping your fork in the salad dressing with each bite rather than dumping it all over your salad. Choosing iced tea or water over soda was another one. Diehl also said he rarely orders chips unless he’s with someone who’ll agree to share a bag with him.

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