Ruben’s move down Douglas is underway

Ruben’s Mexican Grill has started its move.

I had a taco hankering at lunch today, and I tried to go to my favorite nearby Mexican place – Ruben’s Mexican Grill at the corner of Douglas and McLean.

But I got the feeling it was closed, especially when I saw the booths and the oven sitting in the parking lot.

Ruben Acosta and his wife Anita are starting the move they announced they’d make earlier this year. They closed the restaurant at the end of business Saturday in anticipation of moving several blocks west to 915 W. Douglas It’ll be at least four weeks before they’ll be ready to reopen there, Anita said.

The duo said earlier this year that they were moving from the location they’ve been in since 2003 because the rent was going to increase substantially.

They’ve abandoned a plan to change the restaurant’s name back to Ruben & Anita’s Tacos, she said. The paperwork was going to be a mess, plus she likes the name Ruben’s Mexican Grill, she said.

The new restaurant, which is larger than the old one, will have a full bar, a patio, big screen televisions and more.

Several patrons have been calling lately, Anita said, wanting to know if the restaurant would still put on its annual parking lot party that it has thrown during the Wichita River Festival for the past few years. But they won’t be able to, Anita said. “We have to move on,” she said.

I’ll let you know when the move is complete.