Changes at Charlie’s Pizza Taco

Behold: the Pizza Taco

Wichita isn’t Pratt.

So the owners of Wichita’s Charlie’s Pizza Taco, which opened last November at 602 N. Tyler Road, has made some adjustments as it learns to adjust to its Wichita audience.

They’ve added some things to the menu, including a half-pizza taco with chips, chili con queso and pico for $6.50 at the lunch hours. They’ve also added a pizza taco made with chicken.

The restaurant now has a patio for outdoor seating plus live music and $1 beer draws on Friday and Saturday nights. Owners also are getting Charlie’s getting involved with charity projects around town, and those who come in to the restaurant with a church bulletin can get 10 percent of  the cost of their meal donated back to their church.

A pizza taco, by the way, is a beautiful invention that’s pizza in flavor and taco in shape. You can read my review of the restaurant here.

Charlie’s Pizza Taco has operated at 105 W. First in Pratt since 1965. The Wichita location was opened a year ago by founder Charlie Hoffman’s son, Dave, and his brother-in-law, Tim Holmes.