Question of the week: Best breakfast splurge?

Huevos Rancheros remnants. They went fast.

Usually, I’m a yogurt or granola bar for breakfast kind of girl. I love lunch and dinner too much to waste all my calories in the morning.

But this week has been a strange one in that I indulged in two breakfast splurges. On Monday, I couldn’t resist the amazing bacon-topped cheese grits being offered at the Cake Face food truck. And today, my co-workers and I sampled a chorizo and egg burrito AND an order of huevos Rancheros with rice and beans as part of my review of Las Tias De Beto, which will be published later today.

When I do splurge on breakfast, I try to make sure it’s something that’s worth the calorie explosion. Cheese grits qualify, and I’ll almost always give in on eggs Benedict.

What breakfast item do you order when you are feeling decadent?

Answer in the comments section below.