Restaurants take vacations, too

A few weeks ago, a reader wrote to ask me if Yen Ching, the classic Wichita Chinese restaurant at 430 N. Rock Road, was out of business. She’d stopped by for lunch and it was closed and looked deserted, an appearance not helped by the fact that the awning over the entry way was missing. It has actually been gone for months now.

We investigated (i.e. called and listened to the restaurant’s voice mail greeting) and learned that the owners were just on vacation. Yen Ching reopened a few days later and has remained open. Still, rumors persist that it’s closed. I saw someone on Twitter lament its closing just a few days ago.

It’s somewhat typical for family-run restaurants to close down for a week or two out of the year for vacation, but it can cause panic among its loyal diners. La Gallette’s owners, for example, just closed down their restaurant at 1017 W. Douglas for a week for vacation. They’ve been back in business this week but are closing again starting Wednesday until Aug. 5.