Cocoa Dolce stocking rare chocolate

These decadent ganache-filled treats are shaped and colored like the rare cacao pods the chocolate comes from.

When Beth Tully asks you if you want to come sample some very rare out-of-this-world chocolate, you don’t say no. At least I don’t.

This afternoon, I went to visit with Beth, owner of Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates at 2132 N. Rock Road, about a new line of chocolate she’s just started selling that’s made from some rare beans cultivated in Peru. She’s the only chocolatier in Kansas who has the stuff.

Beth Tully with her rare chocolate creations.

A friend of hers discovered it while on a visit to Peru in 2007. He came across a tree on a farm in Peru’s Marañón Canyon that was still producing rare white chocolate beans, growing in colorful football shaped pods. The beans were once thought to be extinct.

The beans, called Pure Nacional, produces an intense, 68 percent bittersweet chocolate that has a floral aroma with citric, coffee and spice notes. It’s mellow, though, with almost no bitterness. It’s the rarest of all chocolates, Tully said.

Tully has turned her stash in to “Fortunato No. 4″ chocolate bars, which cost $5 apiece, and beautiful ganache-filled chocolates, which are $3.50 apiece or come in a package of 6 for $20.

The chocolate was very good, and I had to stop myself from gobbling down more than one of the ganache-filled treats. I can’t wait to pair the bar with a glass of red wine.

Tully  just started selling the chocolate in her shop a few days ago and — bonus — she also sells glasses of red wine. For more information, call 316-866-2906.