Question of the week: Coveted restaurant recipe?

Here's Chef Aaron Whitcomb just before he revealed his amazing scallop recipe.

Back in the day, my former colleague Joe Stumpe used to persuade local chefs to share recipes from their restaurants. He’d publish them at Christmastime as as a gift to readers. Many years, it was the best gift I got.

I attended a cooking class lead by Newport Grill’s corporate chef Aaron Whitcomb last night, and he shared a recipe for scallops with vanilla corn sauce, frisee and charred corn relish that he hinted could be added to the menu this summer. (ADD IT, CHEF!) The very valuable recipe sheet he distributed now will go in my collection along side my other very valuable chef-issued recipes.

This week’s question: What local restaurant recipe would you most like to have? I want the salad dressing from La Gallette, and now that we’re talking, Chef Whitcomb, I’d take the directions for those rock shrimp cigars, too.

Let me know what recipe you wish you had and we’ll see if we can pressure some chefs to share.

Answer in the comments section below.