Candle Club adds non-smoking option

There's nothing like an adult beverage under the ceiling star at the Candle Club.

I’m not a member of the Candle Club, the throwback private supper club at 6135 E. 13th St. N.,┬ábut I have several friends who are and have spent many an enjoyable evening there.

The only thing that could have made those evenings more enjoyable: a little less cigarette smoke in the atmosphere. Now, that’s an option. The Candle Club, which has been able to get around Wichita’s restaurant smoking ban because of its private club status, has just added a non-smoking section to the restaurant.

Perhaps a bid to compete with the new private, non-smoking Lakeside Club, the Candle Club just transformed a room that formerly served as a cigar bar into a non-smoking bar and grill. Customers enter from the new patio, meaning they can avoid cigarette smoke all together. In an e-mail to customers, managers said that customers have been requesting such an option, and the room also can be used for private parties, business lunches and Bingo games.

For more info, call the Candle Club at 316-684-7281.