MMM Sandwiches is ICT’s latest food truck

Michael Awesome-Noyes, the driving force behind Wichita's newest food truck, MMM Sandwiches.

I was reading Facebook at a stoplight at noon today when I saw a post from Michael Carmody, co-owner of the Donut Whole, saying that a new food truck was parked in front of his business at 1720 E. Douglas.


I’m a big fan of food trucks, particularly since I discovered the magical meals that emerge from the amazing Flying Stove, which has developed a loyal following in Wichita in just a short amount of time.

The new truck is called MMM Sandwiches and is owned by Michael Awesome-Noyes (his real name), and it hit the streets earlier this week.

Awesome-Noyes, a former bartender at The Anchor, is  just getting started and figuring out his schedule, but like the Flying Stove, he plans to post his daily location on his Facebook page. He’ll be open only for lunch right now but is thinking he’ll add breakfast soon. For the rest of this week, he’ll start out parked at the Donut Whole from about 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. then decide if he’ll motor on elsewhere. 

His menu, which may change up once he gets going, includes barbecue pork, Asian pork, a Cuban, a veggie melt, ham and cheese, and more. Today, he advertised steak and veggie tacos on special.

Carmody, a longtime friend of the owner, said the truck produces the best turkey sandwich he’s ever had. As I was interviewing Awesome-Noyes, Carmody emerged from his donut shop to order his second sandwich of the day.

The truck is not set up to take credit cards, so bring cash. For more information, call 316-806-4301.