The Flying Stove: I’m a fan

It took me several weeks months to persuade the very nice guys who run The Flying Stove that I ought to write a story about them. They were reluctant participants, and my theory is that they are afraid that their burgeoning business will be overwhelmed.

But it’s kind of too late.

The food truck, which vends gourmet street food from a different parking lot every day, is so popular that lines are already extra long, and they sometimes run out of food.

The Flying Stove's amazing, super, addictive banh mi sandwich.

I stood in line last night at Riverside Park  just for one last chance at their amazing banh mi sandwich before the secret about their amazing culinary creations really got out.

Here’s the story I wrote for Friday’s paper about The Flying Stove, of which I am a huge fan.

If you find them over the next few weeks, be patient.

They’re just a few guys cooking in a truck, and anything they sell you is going to be well worth a little waiting.

Trust me.