Chick-fil-A campout: Tents, wind and pedestrians in the drive-through

A shot of the wind-blown tent city outside Chick-fil-A this afternoon.

Here’s the story I wrote this afternoon after visiting the ca-razy campers spending the night at Chick-fil-A.

The campers included people from Wichita as well as people from out of town, including some who follow Chick-fil-A openings like they were the Dave Matthews Band.

I saw kids playing on scooters, people constructing jigsaw puzzles on card tables inside their tents, and a couple studying for a test in the bright sun.

A couple of guys started a game of four square in the parking lot, and several were on air mattresses in their tents, snoozing the afternoon away.

The best detail I heard: To get their catered breakfast and lunch, campers lined up and walked through the drive through.