Scoping out the Mega-QuikTrip

The new coffee bar at the new QuikTrip.

A friend used to call QuikTrips “the Disneyland of convenience stores.”  And that was YEARS AND YEARS before the actual Disneyland of convenience stores opened in January  at 625 S. Hillside.

I finally stopped into the new QT this morning to see what all the fuss was about, and WOW. The QuikTrip of the future is pretty amazing, and I didn’t really think QuikTrips could be improved upon.

The most impressive additions I saw included an entire wall dedicated to every flavor of iced tea an iced tea fan could dream up, from blueberry to mango. The number of colorful “freezoni” options, QT’s version of a slurpee, was staggering. That section of the store looked as though a frozen rainbow had exploded.

There’s also a new counter, staffed by an employee who can make specialty coffee drinks, fresh smoothies and ice-cream mixes. I didn’t see anyone taking advantage of that option this morning, but it’s tempting.

The store is huge, and you have to hunt a little to find what you’re looking for. The check out counter was set up in a straight line rather than an L-shape, which isn’t in improvement, in my opinion. I like the classic setup, where you can stand on either side of either cash register and feel like you’re closer to the front of the line.

The new store has all the fresh foods, both hot and cold, stocked in the other stores in town. Though alas, the Mega-QT STILL stocks only Miracle Whip, no mayo, in its grocery section. Why? There is no explanation I can accept.

If you’re out and bored and thirsty this weekend, I’d definitely recommend you make a stop at the new QT. It’s as close to Disneyland as we’re gonna get.