Question of the week: Best westside restaurant?

Don't let this picture sway your answer. Just because I think Kanai is the star of the west side doesn't mean you have to agree.

The east side of Wichita has Bradley Fair and the Waterfront and the Plazzio, all of which are filled with fancy, popular restaurants that give west side diners an inferiority complex.

It’s well-earned, too. When I tell people that Wichita’s best sushi restaurant, Kanai, is at 119th and Maple, they often respond with a look of bewilderment. “On the WEST side?”

The west side, though, has gained its fair share of interesting, upscale restaurants over the past several years.

My question for this week: Which restaurants can the west side be most proud of? Help us out, Big Ditch neighbors. Perhaps we can teach those fancy Rock Roaders a thing or two.

Answer in the comments section below.