Our date with The Flying Stove

The owners of The Flying Stove, the new food truck that you’ve seen tooling around Wichita, are a little shy. A few weeks ago, I called and said I’d like to write a story about them, but they declined my offer. They weren’t ready, they said

Well, today, my Eagle desk neighbor Katie and I decided that we WERE ready. Katie had seen on Facebook that the truck was going to be serving in Old Town today. So we jaywalked across Douglas and headed over.

The Flying Stove is owned by brothers Jeff and Rob Schauf, who prepare gourmet food then park the truck at various places around Wichita. On a recent night, they served concertgoers at The Cotillion. A few weeks ago, I saw them parked on Douglas in Delano.

Today's menu board

Today, they were on the edge of the Farm & Art Market Plaza at First and Mosley. Fans figure out where they are on a given day by checking their Facebook page or Twitter profile.

When Katie and I arrived shortly after noon, they were already out of what I wanted — a steak frites burrito filled with marinated steak, truffle fries, melted cheese and salsa verde. So I got the chicken Caesar wrap, filled with shave parmesan and crispy chicken, and Katie got the bacon Swiss burger, which was super fancy and sort of spicy. It was dressed with bacon compote and an heirloom tomato. We split our entrees half-n-half.

Our co-worker Julie asked us to bring back an order of “flavor balls,” and how could we resist? They were three fried risotto balls served with a side of marinara and were also pretty tasty.

Flavor balls

The whole experience was fun. We ran into the dudes from The Labor Party while we were waiting on our food, and I saw one of my wrasslin’ students from my journalism classes at Newman, too. Several other businessfolk were gathered around, placing orders. It took about ten minutes for us to get our food, so we were glad it was a pretty sunny day.

Bottom line: We’d go back. And probably will next time they tool near the Eagle.