Restaurant closing: Souper Salad

A farewell note posted on the Souper Salad entrance.

While out shopping this weekend, I noticed something somewhat tragic.

Souper Salad, which opened at at 8007 E. Kellogg in 1998, is closed.

I know I’m not supposed to like buffets, but occasionally, I do anyway.┬áSouper Salad had one of those buffets. It was overflowing with every possible salad topping conceivable, and you could fool yourself into thinking that the pile of lettuce, ham, cheese and Ranch dressing you’d just concocted was somehow healthy. The soups were pretty good, too. I particularly liked the vegetable beef soup, and the Tuna Skroodle pasta salad was delish.

There was briefly a second Souper Salad in Wichita, operating on the west side at 4722 W. Kellogg, but it closed in 2005.

Back in the early 2000′s, Souper Salad was the one place my health-conscious friend Jaime would always agree to go. It was also a great place to go with small children, as I was reminded recently watching a 1-year-old shovel in a colorful array of veggies, meats and cheeses to her heart’s content.

Farewell, Souper Salad. I’ll miss you and your Skroodle.

(UPDATE: A reader pointed me to this news from September about Souper Salad’s parent company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.)