A promise to Les

Les Anderson

I always said yes to Les Anderson when he asked me to speak to his journalism classes at Wichita State University. In fact, I rarely said no to Les Anderson because he never said no to me. The list of things he helped me with are too long to mention.

So I also did not say no back in September when Les called me with an idea he’d had. He wanted me to talk to his students about restaurant reviewing. Then he wanted me to help his students come up with a list of ethnic restaurants they could review. Then he wanted me to publish those reviews.

Sure, Les.

In Late October, my inbox became flooded with e-mails from Les, each one containing an attached review and a whole bunch of photos. Every couple of days, I’d get another e-mail from Les. “Had a chance to look at those reviews yet?????”

A photo of some yummy looking Zaytun kebabs, taken by one of the WSU students on her visit

A couple of weeks ago, Les died of a heart attack at age 62. And since then, all I have been able to think about is finishing the little project I started with a man who advocated for his students like no one I knew.

I enjoyed the reviews, and I think they offer a few ideas for new Asian, Italian, Mexican and Indian places to try in and around Wichita.

Here is the result of the last time I said yes to Les.