Kanai awesomeness: New menu items, chef dinners

I haven’t exactly been quiet about the fact that I love Kanai and that I think its sushi is the best in Wichita.

Now, Chef David Kanai is offering fans like me a chance to try something new. He’s recently added 11 new items to the menu. Among them: an Umai Roll made with squid tempura and asparagus tempura; a roll called Beef29, made with red bell pepper tempura and beef tenderloin; and Hamachi Kama Shioyake, which is grilled whole yellowtail cheek in a special sauce. You can see the complete new menu here.

Chef David Kanai

Kanai co-owner Penny Ellis also told me about an interesting option for Kanai diners. Chef Kanai has started offering special chef dinners called “Omakase.” For $100 a person or more, depending on how lavish one wants his Omakase, the chef will prepare a special five-course meal full of off-menu dishes, including sushi, cooked items, and upscale ingredients such as Kobe beef and yellowtail cheek. Chef Kanai loves doing the dinners, Ellis said, because it allows him to show off his creativity step outside of the confines of the menu. The Omakase requires a reservation at least a week in advance, and the price doesn’t include alcohol or gratuity.

Kanai is at 12111 Maple, which is at the corner of 119th and Maple on the west side. For more information, call 316-719-2929