Winner, winner, Lebanese dinner

St. George's, home of this weekend's big Lebanese dinner.

Thanks to the 33 people who competed to win the tickets to this weekend’s St. George’s 78th Annual Lebanese Dinner and Food Sale. I drew a winner at random (using this cool find-a-winner-at-random website), and it was Victoria Nguyen, who was very excited and said she’s always wanted to attend the dinner.

I thought I’d use this opportunity to share with you a couple of the other pretty pictures I took when out interviewing the St. George folks earlier this week.

Volunteer Freeda David prepared a whole bunch of butter for clarifying. Being around all that butter made me a little dizzy with excitement.

I wish I could adequately describe how good this pool of clarifying butter smelled. Has anyone thought of filling a hot tub with this stuff?

Here’s a closeup of the delicious stuffed cabbage leaves that are included in the dinner. They’re filled with a magnificent mixture of meat and rice.

Very few foods make me happier than kibbe. I even like to say the name. Kibbe. Kibbe. Kibbe.

Would you just look at all those sweet baklawa layers?

You have my permission to download this and use it as your wallpaper.

Confession: Given the opportunity, I could eat all this baklawa by myself.