Happy National Coffee Day

I celebrated National Coffee Day (which is happening RIGHT NOW, FYI) by pulling into a Starbucks drive-thru, cursing at the unusually long line of cars, going inside to order and then begging for half-n-half because of course the dispenser is always empty when I’m there. (I’m feeling a little less edgy now that I’ve had a few sips. Whew. The magic of coffee.)

If I’d had time to drive out east, I could have gotten a free 12-oz. cup from Krispy Kreme, which is treating its customers in observance of the day. Anyone know of any other free or cheap coffee out there today? I hear that 7-11 and Caribou Coffee stores also are giving away free coffee, but we don’t have those in these parts.

Coffee is certainly something worth celebrating, and I feel that way even more now that I know that my morning cup may be the only thing keeping me from total and utter depression.

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