Downtown Chili Cookoff results

My bud Travis Grover was on a chili cookoff team on Saturday. His team didn't win, but I'm told it produced a heckuva pot of green chili.

The Wichita Wagonmasters Downtown Chili Cookoff on Saturday may have set a new attendance record, organizers say. Though they don’t have final numbers in yet, they’re speculating that a record-breaking 9,000 people attended, sampling chili and watching crazy chili-centered contests and activities. (Sadly, the fire-eaters failed to break the world record, but it was an interesting spectacle nonetheless.)

The Grand Champion title, which comes with a $1,000 prize, went to Cindy Harmon and her Chili Cocineros. Cindy and co. also were grand champions in 2010.

As promised, here are the results from the competitive portion of the day.

Grand Champion:
First place: Chili Cocineros — Cindy Harmon, Whichita
Second place: Jeepers Creepers — Kelly Zehr, Wichita

ICS Salsa:
First place: Flatland Dreamers – Bill Spellman, Wichita

ICS Chili Verde:
First place: Toucan Chew 1 –  Bill Dudzik, Omaha

First place: Sterling Silver — Larry Bulla, Wichita

Anything Goes:
First place: American Family/ Dan Beat Agency – Brent Melroy, Wichita

Best Booth Award:
Security First Title: Jason Wasinger, Wichita

Team Spirit Award:
City of Wichita – Mayor Carl Brewer, Wichita