New things are bubbling at Fizz

A burger and fries from Fizz Burgers & Bottles.

The owners of Fizz Burgers & Bottles, the almost 1-year-old burger restaurant at 7718 E 37th St. N., have some changes and additions planned that’ll keep things bubbling through the fall.

For starters, they’ve begun offering a Mexican specialty every Wednesday, provided by a member of the kitchen staff who wanted to show off his skills. Last week, they offered chicken adobo. Today’s special is beef enchiladas. The dish-of-the-week will be available for lunch and dinner every Wednesday.

Also, Fizz is working on a menu update, which should debut in about a month. They’re adding a couple of new sandwiches, said owner Scott Bergeson, and they’re also putting homemade chili in the menu. Customers who want to sample Fizz’s chili recipe early can try it at the Wagonmasters Downtown Chili Cookoff, which is Sept. 24. Fizz will have a booth.

I also asked Bergeson about rumors that he’s eying a west-side location. He said he’s considered that idea but wants to make sure the east-side store is on solid footing first.

For more info about Fizz, call them at 316-260-2888.