Bierocks, Brats N’ BBQ closed till after the fair

Mary Hansen is shutting down her restaurant until the Kansas State Fair is over.

She came from the fair, and to the fair she has returned.

I heard yesterday from Mary Hansen, the owner of Bierocks, Brats N’ BBQ at 1225 W. Douglas, who let me know that she has closed down her restaurant until after the Kansas State Fair closes on Sept. 18. Mary has been a long time food vendor at the fair, and that’s partially what inspired her last year to open her Wichita restaurant.

Her fans can still dine with her, they’ll just have to travel to Hutchinson. Mary operates the Roadhouse Bar and Grill, which is south of the big yellow slide on the fairgrounds. It serves steak burgers, chicken wings, smoked sausages, brats, ribs and more.

Speaking of the fair, I’m headed there now and will return this afternoon with reports on some of the whack-tastic fare they’re serving this year.