Funnel cakes when there’s no festival

This is not Don. This is James Bradley Price II, a past winner of the Wichita River Festival funnel cake eating contest.

A reader who hails from Rhode Island recently discovered a culinary obsession at the Kansas State Fair, and now he can’t think straight.

His name is Don, and he WANTS A FUNNEL CAKE. NOW.

Although the Kansas State Fair is approaching, Don will be happy to know he doesn’t have to wait.

He sampled the funnel cakes that are the featured special at IHOP through the end of August, but he wasn’t impressed.

One other restaurant in town keeps funnel cakes on the menu: The Burger Barn at 3302 W. Central. The restaurant serves the deep fried delights with powdered sugar or with other decadent toppings such as apple, cherry, strawberry, caramel and cream cheese. For more information, call 316-425-0443.