In memory of Julia: Lebanese cooking secrets

Michael Bayouth and the famous booklet.

Michael Bayouth’s beloved mother, Julia, died on Aug. 1 of last year, and he still misses her.

As the anniversary of her death approaches, Michael was looking for some way to officially remember her. He decided he’d order up another printing of one of his mother’s most famous projects — a recipe booklet full of Lebanese recipes compiled by Julia and her sister, Helen Jabara, more than 35 years ago when both were congregants at St. George Orthodox Cathedral.

The paper booklet is called “Our Favorite Lebanese Recipes,” and over the years, thousands of copies have been sold.

Julia Bayouth

It includes instructions for making everything from tahini sauce to tabbouleh to meat pies to baklava. You might recall that St. George is the home of a popular annual Lebanese dinner, and Julia was a big part of that event in her time.

The booklets are on sale again and available for $2.50 apiece at Jabara Carpet Outlet, 1816 N. Broadway, or by calling Michael at 316-686-5104.