Little Bits guy working it a whole lot

I can’t go anywhere without running into Greg Cole’s Little Bits. Not that I’m complaining.

Cole, a local entrepreneur who invented the teeny tiny ginger bread cookies, is now pushing them all over town. He practically shoved one in my mouth at the Delano Farmer’s Market earlier this summer (Not that I’m complaining) and I saw him again when I visited the Kansas Grown Farmers Market at 21st and Ridge.

Now, he has Exploration Place selling his wares. They’re now available at the snack bar, the concession stand at the dome theater and in the Explore Store.

He is producing, packaging and distributing these yummy mini-cookies all by himself,” Exploration Place’s Christina Bluml told me in an e-mail. “The man is on a mission!”

Bits also are available at Green Acres Market. They’re spicy but tasty, very reminiscent of Mennonite peppernuts. They are low in sugar and are said to be diabetic-approved.

If you leave your house, ever, you’ll encounter one in just a Little Bit, I’m sure.