Two restaurants that were closed but not “closed”

Longtime customers of two Wichita restaurants might have noticed that they were closed down during normal business hours last week. But DON’T PANIC! Both had good reasons for being closed, and both are now back in business.

La Galette, the cafe and bakery at 1017 W. Douglas that’s run by the Abdayem family, is reopened today after a 12-day closing, during which the owners took a summer vacation. (They deserve it, don’t they? The place has been open for 25 years!)

Sumo by Nambara, the hibachi grill at 11233 E. 13th St. N. that also is one of Wichita’s best sushi spots, reopened Saturday after closing down for five days while managers redid the kitchen floor.

Now, no other restaurants need to be closing without checking in first. Hear?