Another tour of old restaurant pictures

I just can’t resist. Why do I love old pictures so much? Why am I so obsessed with restaurants that existed before my time? Why am I asking the Internet all these questions?

I have even more pictures coming next week. Don’t worry. I’ll exhaust this topic soon.

The Pasta Mill was a favorite of some of my co-workers until it closed in 1994. It operated right across the street from the Eagle, where Emerson Biggins is now at 808 E. Douglas. It's considered the first Old Town restaurant, having opened in 1988.

The Lassen Restaurant and Lounge was a Wichita favorite until it closed in the late 1990s, and owners Kevin Brown and Tracy Fahrbach went on to open Cibola in Bradley Fair. This shot is circa 1997. The beautiful space at 155 N. Market soon will be home to a new restaurant called Italian Bistro.

This is amazing. The first Boston Chicken Restaurant (which looks as though it was a precursor to Boston Market) opened west of the intersection of Central and Tyler in September 1994. Things have kind of changed since then, no?

Remember when The Spice Merchant served lunch? I do. They stopped in 2004.

Boston Pizza was one of the earlist restaurants in Old Town. It opened in 1994 at 242 N. Mosley, where Egg Cetera is now.

Taste of Italy, which opened in 1994 at 217 E. Douglas, offered one of Wichita's pioneer pizza buffets. Seventeen years later, the space is notorious for holding restaurant after restaraunt that doesn't last long. The latest victim was Onyx Bistro.

The Famous was a restaurant and bar at 1401 E. First that served its last customer in 1997. Pictured here is owner Jim Helmick. There's now a car dealership at that address.

Richard Waite and Rick Jeffrey in Red Beans, just before they opened it in 1998. Red Beans is still open at 7447 W. 21st St., but the owners are different.