Dyne Quik review: I couldn’t have written it better

Local foodie Bill Pearce has been trying to get me to try out Dyne Quik with him, and since I haven’t been able to, he went without me yesterday.

The review he sent me after the fact was concise and hilarious, and I couldn’t have written it better. So for all of you wondering how the new Dyne Quik is, here ya go.

Bill writes:

“Not to be snarky, but lunchtime came and I thought, ‘What would be perfect, Bill? Oh I know, a Dyne Quik burger.” So I did. It was just the same as I remember, although there has been so much alcohol coursing through my brain in the intervening 30 or so years since I was last there, who can say? I remember the burger as exactly the same, which means all the weeks of cleaning was not spent in an inadvisable griddle cleaning. The fries weren’t as good, but I suppose that he now buys pre-made fries rather than cutting his own, and also changes in grease.”

It is sparkling and clean, and miracle of miracles, WHITE! Also, my burger was served in the same plastic basket as before. I was told that it took and entire day of washing to make them usable, including TEN trips through the dishwasher!”

My arteries cry out to you!”